The Paradox of Life – Genesis 32

The Paradox of Life – Genesis 32

The Paradox of Life – Genesis 32

What would you say is the greatest victory in the world? Do you think of some military victory with some famous general, a political victory or sporting achievement such as the Super Bowl? Maybe you are thinking in terms of a financial success or of an emotional breakthrough?Everyone enjoys a great victory because everyone wants to be a winner in some way. But very few people want it badly enough to endure the discipline and struggle that is required to truly be considered victorious. In Genesis 32, Jacob experiences the greatest victory of his life. But it occurs in an unlikely circumstance. This story creates the realization that in order to truly win you must lose.

Who won the fight that night? God. Who lost? Jacob. But do you know who really won….Jacob! When we wrestle with God, we always lose, it is a given fact. But when we lose to God, we ultimately WIN! That’s the paradox of life.

Until we are “broken” by God, we can never be greatly used by God. God brings us again and again to breaking points. Why? Because God can’t really use a self-reliant man. But a broken heart, he will not and cannot despise because when you are broken by Him, you’ll be ready to listen and ready to obey Him!

So my question for you is are your broken today? Have you been broken in the past?


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Waldon Fenster

I am Waldon Fenster, a newly married husband, father-to-be, world traveling superstar that is a jack of all trades but master of none. I enjoy freeing children from the sex slave industry, building orphanages and helping others pay off debt and live a better life. I do these things all while working multiple jobs and traveling the world. My goal is to help you take every thought captive make them obedient!

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