Praise of Moses

Praise of Moses

Deuteronomy 34 – Praise of Moses

My daily, cover-to-cover bible read concluded today with the praise of Moses. To summarize Deuteronomy chapter 34 in twenty-five words or less I would say; Moses views the Promised Land from Nebo. The death and burial of Moses, The mourning of the people. Joshua succeeds Moses, The praise of Moses. Not to abiding of literature rules, but hey I got the job done. Deuteronomy Chapter 34 was a very quick read, being only 12 verses.

The chapter begins with Moses unwilling to leave his work. After finally completing all that needed to be done he began creating the feeling of willingness to die. The Lord came to him and vowed that Moses should be able to view the Promised Land. God shows Moses the promise land, although he cannot enter it, after this, Moses dies on Mount Nebo.

God reserves the brightest discoveries of his grace to his people to support their dying moments. Those may leave this world with cheerfulness, which die in the faith of Christ, and in the hope of heaven.

Moses obeyed the commands of God as willingly as any other. He died in honor and in peaceful company of God. Some say Moses died “at the mouth of the Lord,” living life according to the will of God. Servants of the Lord that accomplish all of their work, must at some time die, and be willing to go home to God. This moment is whenever God sends for them. Moses was rewarded for his service. The people who mourned the loss of Moses began realizing that if we hope to go to heaven rejoicing, why should we go to the grave mourning? This idea flip-flopped their mentality and they began the praise of Moses.

If the soul be at rest with God, it is of little consequence where the body rests.

Moses brought Israel to the borders of Canaan, and then died and left them. Some view this as a signal that the Lord reserves tasks for everyone. The task of leading the tribe to Canaan was reserved for Joshua. Moses was greater than any other prophet of the Old Testament. Moses was sent by God, to deliver the Israelites from bondage; he led them out, and conquered their enemies.

Moses became not only their deliverer, but their lawgiver and judge. Moses teaches us that we should be obedient and faithful to God, because in the end it is by His grace, that we will live forever! So today I will continue the praise of Moses by showing thanks to him for the lessons that he taught me.





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