Leviticus 27

Leviticus 27

Leviticus 27:

In a very systematic and thorough fashion, the chapter analyzes the various kinds of things which men may promise to dedicate to God. Regulations appropriate to each are then specified and vows of people, animals, houses, inheritances and land are described in full. There is also an analysis of what happens when you break a dedication or vow. God anticipates that the vows which are made at one moment in time may be regretted later, and the person making the offer will attempt, in one way or another, to renege or replace one offering for another.

False vow’s which are basically promises or dedications that are not kept. It may have been a vow made sincerely at the time, but was forgotten, regretted, or for some reason not fulfilled. It may even have been a vow which was never intended to be kept, even when it was made. Leviticus 27 warns against the making of false vows, each vow which was made should be kept no matter the circumstance.

When you make a vow, dedication or promise to the Lord you shall not delay to pay it, for it would be sin in you, and your God will surely require that you fulfill the dedication. However, if you refrain from vowing at all, it would also be a sin. Be careful of what goes out from your lips or is thought in your head, because you might be voluntarily vowing to the Lord.

There are many people who have faced crises and who have, at that time, made commitments to God about serving Him in the future, only to forget them or to renege on them. The reality of life is that our enthusiasm and emotions will be come and go, and that our commitments will have to be kept when our emotions are less intense than they once were. Discipline and diligence are required to keep our commitments, by mastering our emotions in good times and in the worst of times.

My question for you today is when you are in a bad spot in life are you angry at God and make promises to change? Once life is better and the crisis is over, do you thank God and continue to follow Him faithfully or do you regress back into the person that could not handle the situation alone?

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