Global Cooling… or Politics

Global Cooling… or Politics

Mother Nature or Global Cooling & Warming?

Global Cooling or warming or mother nature throwing curve balls?Recently this weather around the globe is fluctuating like crazy.  From the all-time hottest months to be followed up by an all-time coldest?  From skeptics saying that global warming has caused the polar ice caps to melt, to in April having the Antarctic sea ice coverage reach the  record level 3.5 million square miles covered (largest on record). Something just doesn’t seem right.  Than it hit me. Politics.  Politicians have made Global Cooling and Global Warming a huge concern in all of their campaigns since the 1960’s and 70’s under NATO and President Richard Nixon.  Global cooling and warming has been brought up many times but as population we failed to realize that they are talking about the same thing.

Feeling Cold

Since cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is in reality the absence of heat. Everything that transmits energy generates heat. Max Planck graphed out Absolute zero (-460 degrees F) which is the total absence of heat; all matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. So to get complete outside the box, cold does not exist. Cold was a word created to define a feeling that we have. Global cooling is actually a feeling that we have when the temperature decreases.

So now we can be on the same page there is no global cooling. It was a term used by politicians not a scientific theory. This term describe the lack of heat that we feel. Now on to something that is amazing….

Feeling Not So Global

Recently a group of scientists sent a rebuttal to Obama and his administrators. You may recall that recently Barack released a report saying that the US is being harmed by global warming and that we need serious help to turn this around.  Obama’s report was placing blame heavily on mankind.  Anyone who knows Obama knows that he is a master marketer that has a great public speaking record.  This fine piece of marketing content was laying the most blame on you guessed it the fossil fuel industry… I  mean wow I couldn’t see that coming.  Here are the facts though, global warming has not been global and has not set regional records. Has warming occured? Yes it has gotten around 2 degrees warmer on average. This 1.9 degree temperature rise since 1895, has caused more extreme weather, like hurricanes and droughts, and harming fragile ecosystems around the country. More on this in a minute. But did you know that in the past the Roman Period and Medieval Period were both several degrees warmer than today’s temperature? The world then cooled at least four degrees. This period was called the Little Ice Age a period of glacial advance, the same glaciers that have been in retreat until recently. These temperature variations were not caused by man. They were caused entirely by natural forces.

Hear Me Rawwwrrrr!

So lets recap on something.  Are you telling me that by mankind doing nothing at all prior to the 1400’s the tempature was actually rising?! Than all of a sudden from 1400-1800 there was a period of decreased warming followed by the advancement of glaciers? That is crazy!  Do you know what is even crazier about mother nature and her crazy cycles? Those temperatures were even more drastic than what mankind has been supposedly causing.  So what is really happening? Are we really eating up our ozone layer or is she on a break for a bit before she creates another mini-ice-age?

God is Working

One factor that we have not covered yet and that is God’s influence. Maybe He has gotten so mad at our current race he is holding the majority of the population under a magnifying glass.  It is said in the bible that you are refined by fire.  Maybe there is some serious refinement going on right now that has been causing the global warming to take place.  This suggestion would be rebuttal-ed with the theory of global cooling.  Climate change in the bible doomed ancient societies to famine and collapse, but those societies thrived. Even while temperatures were significantly warmer than today. It was only when temperatures cooled that shorter growing seasons and less favorable climate conditions doomed crop production and the food supplies of ancient civilizations.  So is God getting us ready by ‘cooling’ the earth down again before Armageddon? Possibly.

All Honesty

I am not a scientist, or a climatologist or anything that amounts to an expert in this field.  What I do know is that current climate is acting weird, politicians lie and God is always at work.  I also know that history has shown us that change happens.  Anything from ice age conditions to world floods to extreme droughts. I currently believe that the world is decreasing heat due to previous heat waves.  In a matter of mother nature or God balancing the climate. Newton’s third law being for every action there is an equal or greater reaction.  Meaning that if this temperature is decreasing in reaction to a most recent drought than it wont be long before temperature sore again in reaction to this global cooling phase.


p.s. It has been like fall in Chicago that last few days (long-sleeve weather).  This is shortly after the hottest month of June in many years. Which really got me thinking.

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