Gen 27:41 Jacob & Esau

Gen 27:41 Jacob & Esau

Unforgiveness Definition: A Grudge Against Someone Who Has Offended You.

In Gen 27:41 of the Bible, Esau had all the excuses in the world to hold a grudge against his brother. Jacob had offended him greatly by taking his father’s blessing. Esau could not forgive nor have love for his brother.

Have you ever been offended or hurt by someones actions against you or a loved one? How did you overcome the feelings of unforgiveness and hatred? The power of forgiveness is one of the greatest skills we must learn. Life is to short to hold grudges, we need to forgive, release and bless those people who have betrayed us.

What are your thoughts? Hairy Arms, Happy Meals & Forgiveness…

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Waldon Fenster

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