Flip Flop Poverty

Flip Flop Poverty

Hind Sight is 20/20…

I just returned home from a First Steps to Success seminar in San Antonio Texas. After sharing my testimonial many times that weekend I realized what had ‘flip flopped’ in my day to day lifestyle.  There was something specific that changed after my first event that caused me to not recognize my life.

Prior to plugging into Danijohnson.com I had the knack for finding niches and exploiting them to the marketplace and it was paying off HUGE!!! I had created businesses that were projecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in income, but that didn’t matter because I was spending it faster than I could make it. This revolving door took me down a path of chasing money by throwing more time at situations.  At one point I was working 80-100 hour weeks while attending college. Yes I said 100 hours a week outside of studying and going out partying!  I wouldn’t sleep for days at a time! This resulted in terrible relationships with family and friends.  I had declining health and my mind would never shut off.  The worst part was I had no relationship with GOD!

Without me knowing God had been blessing me with opportunities as a test to see how I handled success and how I handled my seed (money).  Seeds are meant to reproduce and generate more seeds.  I was eating my seed before I could even plant it, meaning I was wasting money before I could invest it.  Have you ever heard the line “If you master the little things in life, you will be made ruler over much?”, well God could not trust me and quickly relieved myself of the business He had blessed me with.  Imagine this with me…. going from making thousands a week to nothing. Having bills pile up but caring more about upholding the appearance of success and wealth. Living a lifestyle that you could not afford and going into more debt to uphold that appearance.  It was a rabbit hole of depression.

I knew that God still loved me because He had given me insane skills and was preparing me for success.  He gave me another chance and challenged me to do work for a business incubator where I would have a chance to generate income based on the companies results.  So basically I would only make a living if I could use my skills to create results.  My job was to create marketing and sales tactics to help start ups grow brand awareness and generate profit within 90 days of doors open.  I was good at my job and my ego began to grow as fast as my bank account.  My mind kept telling me there was a correlation between hours worked and incoming money.  So I reverted to old ways and began throwing time at projects and multitasking to try an accomplish more.  Quickly I was back to the 100 hour work schedules, spending money in ways I shouldn’t have and was now resting at ALL!  When I wasn’t working I was partying and at this point on my pursuit of a D-gree I didn’t feel I needed to study anymore.  I was running out of money fast and couldn’t figure it out.  I was giving up ownership equity in exchange for cash so I could keep the party going.  The only friends I had, I was basically paying them to be my friend by buying dinners, taking them to clubs and giving them stuff.  Once again the first area of time to go back towards work was time spent with God and family.  With a swollen ego and way to much pride I had to step away from these companies because I has 0% ownership left and they didn’t need me anymore.  The money had completely run out.

Little did I know it was for a reason.  I was 1 month from graduation and I needed to focus on passing my capstone.  I needed to get my life back together so that I could move on.  God once again triumphed and took control of my life without knowing it.  30 days later I had graduated with Bachelors of Science in Management and Marketing from the University of Wyoming. That is great and all but now what? It felt like the only thing I was good at was going further into debt.  I had job offers to go into the oil and gas industry, sales for a drug company or be a financial planner for an investment company.  Hmmm those all sounded to me like a good way to be part of a corporate pyramid scheme and I did not feel like wasting my time working for the success of someone else.  “Regretfully” I declined those positions. My mind got to work and came up with a way to survive.

January 2013 I created a company that within 30 days of operation was bringing in over 5 figures a month.  In my head I just knew that I found a goldmine.  If you have read this article until now you know exactly what I did.  I left my relationship with God, stopped being grateful for my family and friends and began slaving away to make more money.  Come to find out I am extremely hard headed and it took some time to figure out my stupidity. The company I created was doing fine and now my mind naturally began thinking about the next step in life.  I was now a post graduate, business owner but I did not feel complete. Thank God for slapping me up side the head around February and dropped a messenger into my life.  A friend from high school reached out to me and said she needed help building a website, the money driven guy that I am said awesome lets meet for lunch and we will draw something up.

When we met she went off on how she had been traveling a lot and just got back from a seminar in Texas and it was full of people coming together and making lots of money.  These words instantly rang clear in my head.  This was a sign that I needed to go to the next event so I could figure out how to make more money by learning from others how to handle the situation that I had been experiencing for multiple years now.  By the end of the lunch meeting I was signed up and had a flight to Orlando in March. The last thing I said to my friend was: “Hey if this is a bunch of like minded business owners maybe I will meet my future wife there.”  Well there is always a provision of words to create a vision.  Business was going great when I took off on a red eye flight to Orlando, not knowing my life would never be the same.

I sat through 3 days of tortuous refinement through fire.  There were tears, ah-ha moments and instant clarity towards life.  Instantly I knew why I did the things I did and why I was never content.  Quickly I made drastic changes to my life.  I can literally say this moment in time changed me and how I thought.  This event flip flopped my relationship with God, reordered the priorities in my life and crossed my path with my future spouses.  Finally I found the success plan.  Finally I felt like everything was going to be okay.

Coming out of that same event.  I met and married my wife after just 58 days of knowing her.  I have a meaningful relationship with my God and every single week I spend a sabbath day with Him.  I have generated more potential income than ever while paying off $90,000 in debt over the last few months.  Here is the kicker though, what needed to change in me the most was the poverty mindset that we are all groomed with in modern day America.  We are told that it is okay to spend all that we make.  We can go into debt to have things we don’t need.  We are raised with a poverty mindset.  At First Steps to Success Dani Johnson says add up all the money you have made over the last ten years. How much is left?  It makes me physically ill to know that I could be retired right now before the age of 30. Between the money spent, the equity sold and the ego driven companies that collapsed around me I could rightfully be a millionaire.

Maybe this was Gods plan.  He keeps blessing me with opportunities and seed, but what had to change in me before I would be blessed with more was my Poverty Mindset.  After getting things straight with the big man upstairs my life is amazing and He continues to bless me every single day. I thank Him daily for the path that He has blessed me with.  I would be a burned out, depressed, alone and desperate person if it weren’t for God taking control of my life and guiding my path.  My question to you is what needs to change in you?  Are you all squared up in your relationship with God?  What steps are you taking to live a better life?

Have a great Friday and be safe this weekend!

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Waldon Fenster

I am Waldon Fenster, a newly married husband, father-to-be, world traveling superstar that is a jack of all trades but master of none. I enjoy freeing children from the sex slave industry, building orphanages and helping others pay off debt and live a better life. I do these things all while working multiple jobs and traveling the world. My goal is to help you take every thought captive make them obedient!

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