Exodus 16: Grumbling

Exodus 16: Grumbling

Exodus 16:

Don’t grumble! Grumbling is a sin! Many people like to grumble about the circumstances. No matter what your problem is, you should not grumble but stay calm. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is patience. Even at the beginning of the chapter when the people are grumbling about being hungry God provides for his people. Bread in the morning and quail by twilight. On the Sabbath there was no bread, and they rested.

We should cast all our anxieties onto God because he cares for our needs. We should not worry about our future but surrender all our worries to God and let him guide us. If you follow God’s leading, you will be able to walk in his wonderful plan. Take this with a grain of salt, because praying and believing will only get you so far if you are scared to take action.

What does that tell us about our current situation? Are you a grumbler or a walk-by-faith and look to God type? Do you remain patience and take a day of rest once a week, or do you work 7 days a week? Do you take action or live in reaction?

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