Deuteronomy 10 Tablets Like the First Ones

Deuteronomy 10 Tablets Like the First Ones

Deuteronomy 10:17 For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribe.

The book of Deuteronomy chapter 10 is broken down into two parts.  The chapter begins with God’s mercy to Israel after their rebellion (once again) and the chapter ends with an exhortation to obedience.

Moses reminded the Israelites of God’s great mercy to them, which has happened many times now. God gave them his law. Thus God has intrusted them and God led them forward toward Canaan. He appointed a standing ministry among them for holy things. The succession is kept up by the Spirit’s work on men’s hearts, qualifying and making some willing for that work in every age. God accepted Moses as an advocate  for them, and therefore appointed him to be their leader. Here is a reminder that Moses plead for them and for God to forgive them of their trespasses and was given all power in heaven and in earth.

As I mentioned before the chapter ends with a reminder of obedience to God. We must fear the Lord our God. We must love Him, and delight in communion with Him. We must walk in the ways in which He has appointed us to walk. We must serve Him with all our heart and soul. We must keep His commandments, because there is true honor and pleasure in obedience. We are than taught once again our duty to our neighbor. And those who have themselves been in distress, and have found mercy with God, should be ready to show kindness to those who are in the like distress.

We must cast away all corrupt affections and inclinations, which hinder us from fearing and loving God. By nature we do not love God. This is original sin, flesh cannot please God, Romans 8:5-9. Daily we must change into His image.

What are you doing today to begin changing into God’s image?  Need you notice the Golden Rule come into affect towards the end of the chapter, about showing kindness to others in distress as you were once in distress?


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Waldon Fenster

I am Waldon Fenster, a newly married husband, father-to-be, world traveling superstar that is a jack of all trades but master of none. I enjoy freeing children from the sex slave industry, building orphanages and helping others pay off debt and live a better life. I do these things all while working multiple jobs and traveling the world. My goal is to help you take every thought captive make them obedient!

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